Speaker: Paula Binder | Benedikt Blaskovic (Thomas Prazak)

Live-Music: Amir Nasr

For the scenic reading „where is my voice" (in German vote and voice is the same word) two young german actors lend their voices to people their age in Iran and tell their stories. The musician and composer Amir Nasr, who grew up in Iran, comments these tales and intervenes by improvisation. The texts that are read are excerpts from the raw transcripts of conversations that Ana Zirner had with young iranian siblings in the summer of 2011 in Tehran and Esfahan. They give a very personal insight into todays life in the country with one of the youngest populations worldwide.

The intertwined levels of storytelling bring out the similarities but also the differences with our lives here in Germany. It tells about a restless present, stuck between the memories (of the „green movement“ in 2009) and a hopeful look to the future.

Instead of the well known and repeated images from the news, the stories from „where is my vote“ focus on the faces of individuals.

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where is my vote

Scennic reading with music


satellit produktion | 2012