Performers: Veronika Bachfischer | Gabriel Rodriguez

Live-Music: Amir Nasr

Costume design: Alice Nierentz

Assistant director: Katharina Neuenhaus

Photography: Andrea Kiesendahl

Graphic design: Felix Ewers

Over here we only catch a glimpse of the power of young people fighting for their rights only a few hours away. We are spectators of blurred cellphone video footage at best, while for other people the world is changing. Two young german actors tell the stories of the iranian brother and sister Bahar and Omid and confront themselves with a life between repression and hope. They share the stage with the iranian jazz musician Amir Nasr.

"I feel lonely. On one side there is the world, I mean, Europe and the USA, they think we are all terrorists and uncivilized, and on the other side there is this government where we can’t even say what we want, that prohibit us to have our own opinion.” (Bahar, 24, Tehran)

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frühling und hoffnung = bahar und omid

Materialentwicklung aus Gesprächen in Teheran


Folkwang Universität der Künste | 2011