Actors: Veronika Bachfischer | David Schirmer | Hendrik Vogt

Stage: Ana Zirner

Costume: Alice Nierentz

Sound: Hans Hafner

In this house we will be together

you and me
alone together

We just wanted to be together

Norwegian playwrigth Jon Fosse published lyrical volumes and novels at first. The past couple of years he dedcated himself to plays for the stage.

In his piece „someone is going to come“ which was published in 1996 he tells the story if a couple. Striving to be closer together the move to a remote little house by the  fiord. Afraid of infidelity they have left the „others“. However, they don‘t recognize that it‘s only the will keeping them together and not their love. Because of this they are not, but rather want to be.

Both soon begin to realize that they don‘t feel as lonesome as they imagined, because someone is there. Someone who becomes more and more present in their self induced loneliness. Until he inevitably appears. Beginning now is a fight, a fight for their love.

The setting of Norway has a particular significance, as fiords, waves and wind reflect within the hovering athmosphere, the intense feelings and the changes of rhythm and tempo of the texts. Detached of established patterns of society it is a continual attempt to touch the human core.

Someone is going to come

by Jon Fosse


Folkwang University of the Arts | 2010