with: Swintha Girsthofer, Pascal Groß, Marion Reiser und Jan Walter

Dramaturgy: Julia Engelmayer

Stage: Franziska Bornkamp

Choreography: David Russo

Video / Research: Emanuel Megersa

It seemed like a chain reaction. The recent few years have shown a steep increase in public protests and their medial response. People are taking to the streets. Activists cause spectacular uproars.  Virtual groups get together to express their resistance and develop visions. This may happen on different scales – spanning from posting an opinion on the Internet to fearless dedication or even the sacrifice of one’s life, in order to guarantee human rights and ensure the future of our planet.

The Green Revolution in Iran, the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, the protests on Egypt’s Tahrir Square, on Spain’s Plaza del Sol, in Libya, all the Occupy Movements in big cities worldwide, the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, the Chilean Education Conflict, the WikiLeaks and Whisteblower scandals and many more followed the belief in a global community, a break in history and a redistribution of power. And it’s always a sole individual who manages to find support in the power of masses and start something big.

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Fiery speeches,

burning squares

An experiment for the global community


PREMIERE on 09th of JANUARY 2016

satellit produktion | 2015