Ana Zirner - artistic director

Ana Zirner studied film directing in Berlin (2005 - 2008) and theatre directing at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and at RESAD in Madrid (2008 - 2012).

She made many shortfilms and short documentaries (some gained recognition from festivals), and has worked for TV and film in various positions. Her B.A. producton of „Someone is going to come“ (by Jon Fosse) was invited for a guest performance at Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus in 2010. Ana Zirner was a member of the jury for "Theatertreffen NRW". 2011/12 she worked in the project management of the "Emergency Entrance" Festival at Schauspielhaus Graz.

Her M.A. production "spring und hope = bahar and omid" at Folkwang University of the Arts received the "Folkwang Award for Permorming Arts“. The production was invited to a number of international festivals and has been presented at "Körber Studio Junge Regie 2012" at Thalia Theater in Hamburg.

Ana Zirner is an active member of the international directors network INSTED and of the group „National Theatre of Europa“. In the summer of 2012 she founded the theatre label "satellit produktion" in Munich.

Miriam Ferstl - creative producer

Miriam Ferstl studied theatre science, media science and germanistics at the University of Bayreuth. At this time she also worked in TV and journalism, among others with Teamworx, die Film GmbH and the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Then she was an assistant in the dramaturgy and public relations department at Schauspielhaus Bochum and was part of the organisational team of the international Shakespeare-Festival at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen.

Miriam lives in Munich since 2011 and works in the artists and productionamangement and as a journalist. She is the creative producer of satellit produktion since late 2012.

Amir Nasr - musician

Amir Nasr grew up in Iran and studies composition and guitar in Tehran, Moscow and the Netherlands.

Due to musical censorchip he had left Iran in 2000 and went to Moscow. There he studied Music with an emphasis on „conducting for jazz and pop orchestra“. In 2005 he began studying Music with an emphasis on Jazz guitar at ArtEZ Conservatory Arnhem in the Niederlanden.

After graduating in the summer o 2009, Amir went to Tehran one last time and then moved to Germany, where he works as a musician since then.

In 2011 his first CD “Memories of Tehran” with the “Amir Nasr Quintet” was published by the iranian label “Mahriz Record”. Shortly after, Amir Nasr worked as a musician and composer on the theatreproject spring and hope = bahar and omid (directed by Ana Zirner), that has also been performed in several festivals in 2012.

On the 8th of November 2012 his new CD “Fragments of Life” will hit the stores. It‘s recorded with saxophonist Joël Mozes van de Pol and published by “Meta Records”.

Paula Binder - actress

Paula Binder studied acting at Neue Münchner Schauspielschule Ali Wunsch-König/ Erika Prahl von Swieykowski from 2007-2010. 2010 she finished with the degree of ZAV and was awarded the Lore-Bronner-Award 2010 by the district of Oberbayern.

Since then she works as an actress and has been part of several theatre productions. She was last seen as "Joan of Arc" by Schiller, directed by Peter Glockner.

coming soon...

Benedikt Blaskovic - actor

Benedikt Blaskovic studied acting in the US and in Germany with various private teachers.

Asides from guest appearances in German TV-series and movies, Ben was cast in a leading role for the motion picure "Frankfurt Coincidences". For this part he was nominated as best actor for the „Förderpreis Deutscher Film“ in 2011. In the same year he was cast for the motion picture „Gier“, where he also starred in a leading role next to Heiner Lauterbach and Axel Prahl.

Since 2008 he‘s been acting in about 30 short films, some of them have been shown at international festivals and have been awarded. 2008-2010 Ben worked on english theatre projects like „Living with Lady MacBeth“ and „Savage in Limbo“ (Theatergruppe Impact).

Besides being an actor, Ben is the executive director of z i m t *sterne, a charity project he founded in November 2011.