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An International Theatre Project of the National Theatre of Greece, Teatro Garibaldi, Habima National Theatre of Israel, National Theatre of Prague, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj and Schauspielhaus Graz.

Europe as an “emergency entrance“ represents the topic of this co-operation between the national theatres in Prague, Athens and Tel Aviv, as well as the municipal theatres in Palermo, Cluj and Graz. Teams of artists – theatre and movie directors, professional and laymen actors, musicians and video artists – spent several months researching current questions on migration in their respective countries. They worked together with refugees, representatives of ethnic minorities, young and old, male and female “sans papiers” from Eastern Europe and Africa. The rules of documentary theatre agreed on stated that research was to be part of the rehearsal process and was to be focused on current human tragedies. It aims to be an investigation of an unknown present. It should examine its limitations – but also process its utopian leaps.

Six plays, entirely different in their aesthetics and contents, were thus created: experimental, funny, highly emotional, grotesque or tranquil. All of them show personal witness of truth, and young artists from Fortress Europe and Israel position themselves as citizens of their respective cities, their countries or their communities of states.


Festival for new artistic talent now in Europe and beyond

11th - 15th of July 2012

IT‘s Festival Amsterdam

The International Theatre School Festival

21st - 28th of June 2012

ACT Festival Bilbao

Performing Arts New Talents International Festival

28th of May - 2nd of June 2012

Körber Studio Junge Regie

Thalia in der Gaußstraße, Hamburg

30th of March - 3rd April 2012

spring and hope = bahar and omid

Over here we only catch a glimpse of the power of young people fighting for their rights only a few hours away. We are spectators of blurred cellphone video footage at best, while for other people the world is changing.

Two young german actors represent the stories of the iranian brother and sister Bahar and Omid and confront themselves with a life between repression and hope. They share the stage with the iranian jazz musician Amir Nasr.

"I feel lonely. On one side there is the world, I mean, Europe and the USA, they think we are all terrorists and uncivilized,  and on the other side there is this government where we can’t even say what we want, that prohibit us to have our own opinion.”

Bahar | 24 | Tehran

All the texts were documented in Tehran in June of 2011. They were then translated and transcribed without revision. We started the rehearsals with 120 pages of material.

EMERGENCY ENTRANCE - An International Theatre Project

wo ist meine stimme | where is my voice

In the scenic reading of „wo ist meine stimme“ (where is my voice/vote), two young german actors lend their voices to their age-mates in Iran and tell their stories. Amir Nasr, a guitarrist and composer who grew up in Iran himself, comments and intervenes in an improvisational manner.

By intertwining the levels of storytelling, the similarities aswell as the differences to our life become apparent. They tell of restless present times, stuck between memories (of the „green movement“ in 2009) and a hopeful look into the future.

Instead of the constantly recurring images of the daily news, the  stories of „wo ist meine stimme“ put the faces of the people back into our focus.  

5th to 7th of November 2012, 8:30pm, i-camp munich

with: Paula Binder | Benedikt Blaskovic

Music: Amir Nasr

part of:


The new theatre series at i-camp/Neues Theater München

alle reden von Europa, aber keiner beißt rein | everyone talks about Europe, but no one ever tasted it   Premieres presumably in June 2013

Today, Europe is one of the most spoken-of subjects in the media and it can be said, that the fate of the people who live here is decided by the fate of Europe. In that sense, we are all Europeans. But if we ask ourselves, what it means to be European, we fall back into the old nationalisticly shaped thought patterns. Nonetheless: it becomes increasingly important for Europe to build a unity within, aswell as towards the outside to be equipped for the challenges of the future. 

It seems, due to the lack of a common language, common places and symbols, a European identity is still missing. The question remains: What is the „european“?

With our performance we want to face this question in a different way. Neither will we try to see or hear, nor read or feel the „european“. We will try to taste it. In order to do so, we will cook a meal from all sociologically european „ingredients“ the city of Munich has to offer. And we will cook it live on stage.

Does Europe taste good at all? And will we discover the scent of a European identity within this taste?

brothers in arms

Premieres presumably in September of 2013

Even if it‘s states who declare a war, it‘s the army who fights it. An army that creates a unity, but consists of many individuals.

These individuals aren‘t just soldiers, but also private citizens. Socially aswell as politically they represent the transition between civil society and the state.

Using the experiences of young iranian and israeli military service personnel, we intend to find out who some of these individuals are. Particularly, we‘ll be looking at the moment when natural empathy doesn‘t serve as the sole base and orientation for one‘s actions anymore.

A war between Iran and Israel is not impossible right now, and is a constant subject of the media. Even if, due to the modern way of warfare, they will never meet: the men portrayed in this project would possibly be fighting eachother in the case of this war.

currently preparing...

Masterclass with Hans-Werner Kroesinger

09th - 18th of November 2012

Academy of the European Theatre Union (UTE)

in Kooperation mit dem Schauspielhaus Graz

The author and director Hans-Werner Kroesinger is one of the most important representatives of documentary theatre in Europe. He investigates political topics beyond the mainstream-media. Five young theatre makers from Austria and Germany meet with five colleagues from Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and Portugal for a 7 day intensive workshop. The results will be publicly presented and discussed on the last day.

Final presentation of the results
Saturday, 17th of November 2012, 8.30pm, Ebene 3

how to deal with conflicts on stage in a documentary way and enjoy it?

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We are happy to have been invited to show the scenic reading„wo ist meine stimme“ (where is my voice) at the 100° Festival at Hebbel am Ufer Theatre in Berlin.

We‘ll be showing it there on the 22nd of February 2012 at 11p.m..

There will be additional performances at the i-camp/neues theater münchen stattfinden.

The performances will take place on the 19th and 20th February at 8:30p.m..

                           With the appreciated support of:

100° Berlin Festival at HAU and additional performances in Munich