shortfilm, 30 min., Brooklyn, NY

The stories of eight strangers on a red bench in a Brooklyn park. They are linked by a message that is so be passed along until the circle comes to a close.

with: Daniel Dugan | Robert Kya-Hill  | Olivia Churchwell | Bigi Ebbin | Luis Vega | Seiko Higuma |

Melissa Jillian | Kristine Mason | Charise Smith

AZ Filmproduktion & Columbia University | 2005


shortfilm, 20 min., Cologne

Young mathematician Henrik is just about to submit his thesis on topology, when he discovers a grave mistake in his main proof. His  effort of years falls to pieces. This is when he meets strange Loki.

with: Ilja Niederkirchner | Hendrik Vogt | Alice von Lindenau |  Tim Mackenbrock | David Schirmer | Damir Avdic

Filmhaus Produktion Köln & AZ Filmproduktion | 2010

dahingewünscht | wishful thinking

shortfilm, 5 min., Berlin

In their imagination, the young bookseller and the reader belong together. Now it’s about daring to make the step from imagination to reality.

with: Julia Stefanie Möller | Jonas Littauer | Katalin Zsigmondy

filmArche & AZ Filmproduktion | 2007

der da vor stand | out of it

shortfilm, 3 min., Berlin

Once in a while one has just had too much to drink and it‘s just impossible to remember what the fuck happened last night...

with: Milian Zerzawy | Elzemarieke de Vos

filmArche & AZ Filmproduktion | 2007

100 Sachen | 100 mph

shortfilm, 8 min., Berlin

A story of love, uncertainty and all the things we don’t, but mean to say.

He doesn’t love her and she knows it.

She loves him and he doesn’t know it.

He loves that girl from last tuesday.

with: Achim Schelhas | Melanie Schmidli

filmArche & AZ Filmproduktion | 2006

Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst |

I spy with my little eye

shortfilm, 5 min., Berlin

Three people observe a strange man in a cafe. Each of them sees someone else.

But who is he really?

with: Werner Daehn | Julia Stefanie Möller | David Winter |

Ruth Spichtig | Jean-Marie Dhur

AZ Filmproduktion | 2005


shortfilm, 10 min., Berlin

There‘s a big black thing in her room. It seems to be electrically charged. And then it asks the question: „Who am I?“ Suddenly the doors don‘t open anymore, then the windows become opaque and eventually the clock stops ticking. She is alone with the unknown. And with the question.

with: Julia Stefanie Möller

AZ Filmproduktion | 2008


shortfilm, 7 min., Berlin

Two graffity artists with opposing approaches to „art“ intersect at a wall unter a bridge. But  there is something that unites them: Their art is illegal.

with: Basti "hope" Unger | Philipp "wizet" Ganzer

AZ Filmproduktion | 2006